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New Features Available First on ConteraIP®.

Contera® by AV Costar™ introduces a brand-new lineup of high-end megapixel (MP) IP cameras at an affordable price point. Contera brings in new advanced technologies such as H.265 compression with our brand new SNAPstream+™ bandwidth reduction technology, Smart IR LEDs with variable illumination, Enhanced WDR™ wide dynamic range up to 120dB, and an onboard storage capacity up to 256GB. New programmable features such as Defog technology can further enhance the quality of raw megapixel surveillance footage while Analytics available in the EX Series can increase situational awareness.

Multi-Sensor IP Megapixel Cameras

The Beauty of Four Sensors

Delivering revolutionary innovation with in-house design from the ground up, AV Costar® launched the world’s first quad-sensor 180° and 360° seamlessly-aligned panoramic megapixel IP cameras in 2006. The AV Costar® SurroundVideo® multi-sensor, multi-megapixel cameras can each replace multiple conventional or pan-tilt-zoom cameras. With numerous industry firsts and innovations in multi-sensor, multi-megapixel technology, AV Costar® SurroundVideo® remains the leader with our 5th generation joining the lineup. The SurroundVideo Omni G3 can be set up completely remotely with pan, tilt, focus, and zoom functionality of four varifocal lens sensors.

Installer-Friendly, SNAPstream™, Remote Setup Models.

The MegaDome® G3 IP megapixel (MP) camera series is loaded with features and options inside a new industry-first installer-friendly housing design. MegaDome G3 cameras feature remote focus and zoom functionality with a P-iris lens and MegaDome G3 RS has complete “no-touch” remote setup with pan, tilt, focus, and zoom functionality. With SNAPstream technology for low bandwidth, Enhanced Wide Dynamic Range options, True Day/Night, IR, non-integer down scaling, and CorridorView features, MegaDome G3 series cameras deliver for almost any environment or scenario.

IR LED Surface Models. SNAPstream™ for All Models.

The MicroDome® series of megapixel cameras feature micro-sized cost-effective solutions for discrete surveillance applications. MicroDome Duo is perfect for a long hallway, corner of a room, or for an entrance of a building with its twin remote focus, user-configurable sensors. MicroDome G2 surface models feature IR LED illuminator options for stronger low light performance, and flush-mounted models are among the easiest to install cameras on the market. All MicroDome series cameras offer a low profile surveillance solution with multiple features and options to choose from.

Customizable IP Megapixel Camera Solutions

Now in its fifth generation, the revolutionary MegaVideo® IP Megapixel Camera Series has been upgraded to include new features including CorridorView™, non-integer scaling, remote focus/zoom, p-iris lens functionality, and on-board storage. The MegaVideo® G5 Series is available as a single-sensor configuration in 1080p, 3MP, 5MP, and 10MP resolutions.

SNAPstream™, Wide Dynamic Range, and More.

The MegaView® 2 IP megapixel (MP) camera family is loaded with features and options. MegaView 2 comes standard with IR, sunshield, and a junction box for quicker installation. With SNAPstream™ advanced compression algorithm, Wide Dynamic Range, image down scaling, and CorridorView™, MegaView 2 has an adaptation for almost any environment or scenario

Now with STELLAR™ and Adjustable IR.

The new MegaBall® G2 megapixel (MP) camera is an advanced, low-cost surveillance solution engineered inside an innovative 3-inch “ball-in-socket” design. This small-size camera is loaded with features, including groundbreaking STELLAR™ low light technology on 1.2MP models and Wide Dynamic Range options in 1080p and 3MP models. MegaBall G2 also features adjustable IR to modify LED intensity for the requirements of any scene, image down scaling, CorridorView™ for image rotation, and much more.

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